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Technology Planning & Implementation

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As one of the nation's leading innovators in technology planning and implementation, PBA regularly provides counsel to small, medium and large organizations on the effective deployment of the latest communications technologies. PBA Founder and CEO Gil Parrish was one of the nation's earliest adopters of the World Wide Web as a major communications tool. As far back as the late 1980's, PBA personnel were developing and using the "new" technology of the WWW as a a medium to reach vast audiences without increasing expenditures.  Some of the Technology Services we provide include...

  • Website Design, Development & Deployment

Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC can guide your organization from concept to reality in the deployment or redesign of your website. Using the latest in web-based tools, PBA helps clients benefit from the latest technologies without the concern for technology obsolescence. PBA can provide website hosting solutions (host your website) or redesign your current website working with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP).
ICANN's Registrant Benefits, Responsibilities and Educational Information

  • e-Publishing

Website publishing of electronic magazines.  See examples:



  • Effective Tools for Today's Communications Challenges

PBA provides clients with access to the very latest communications strategies and technology solutions to compete and communicate effectively in a global market. From database solutions to e-zine publishing and podcasting, PBA provides the counsel, expertise for implementation and guaranteed results you want and need. Contact us now!

Forum design & management
Video hosting
Webinar management

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