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About Us

In its service to clients, Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC makes use of some of the most formidable and effective web-based business solutions available anywhere in the world. PBA understands that the Internet and other technologies play a vital role in today’s commerce and communications. We also understand that smaller businesses or organizations may not have the same level of staffing or expertise in the area of technology to compete effectively. That’s where Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC can help. We increase your effectiveness and efficiency without increasing your overhead or the need to hire additional staff. Our innovative web-based solutions will enable you to communicate and compete like the largest of organizations without purchasing new equipment or adding personnel.

Technology leadership is only part of the success story at PBA. Our highly focused and multi-talented “Leadership Team” of experts can tackle the tough issues, challenges, and perceived stumbling blocks that may face your company or organization. Whether it is the need to mount an effective “grassroots” support campaign for a cause or purpose, the need to simply “get organized,” or the need to start holding effective conferences, meetings or training sessions, PBA’s team of experts can make it happen! Explore further on this website all that Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC has to offer, or contact us today at 404-580-2213 for a no-obligation consultation about the challenges or needs you face.


For more than three decades, Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC has offered a breadth and depth of services that take our clients to the next level.  By developing a strong fiduciary relationship with our clients, PBA helps them to meet their growing needs and establish competitive edges in their respective marketplaces.

From customer/membership marketing campaigns to planning and executing your conference and/or tradeshow to developing fully-integrated websites, Parrish, Brumfield & Associates LLC is committed to continually enhancing the quality and breadth of services we offer to provide increased client value.  PBA's Leadership Team has produced some of the most memorable and successful and innovative initiatives, campaigns, conferences, events, and digital media productions of the last half century.

To see a sampling of the extensive array of services offered by PBA, see the "Services" section of our website.

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